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Held on January 28th, 2021

Learn to solve the key mistakes we make in every negotiation

The Top 3 Negotiation Mistakes and How to Solve Them 

Join our webinar to find our what are they key mistakes we all make in most of the negotiations. In addition to reviewing and revealing what the mistakes are, we will go through what strategies one can use to avoid them and effectively achieve the best results in every negotiation. The webinar will be useful for business professionals from a variety of fields as well as every-day negotiators.  

Held on November 19, 2020

The Top 5 Negotiation Secrets of World-Class Negotiators 

Unlock your full negotiation potential in private and business life

In our webinar we will reveal 5 secrets that will help you grow into a negotiation genius. Whether it is to prepare your team for closing the best deal with a strong incumbent supplier, agreeing the terms and conditions of a new partnership, aligning with a difficult stakeholder or finding the right buyer for a new launched product – this webinar will support you to get the most out of every negotiation.

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